Below is a partial list of some of our clients. Although each client is unique, they all wanted to gain the exposure of the millions of potential clients that search the internet each day looking for services and products.

Pool Bargains

PoolBargins is entirely an eCommerce business. Our marketing partnership has advanced Poolbargains to leading positions in the search engines & 10,000+ hits per month. The site includes a database driven shopping cart with online payment options.

Seaview Pediatrics

Seaview sees over 300 kids a day now. That's up 100 kids since the launch of their website. They needed to give their patients online content and information 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They relied on us to design a user friendly website that was easy to navigate and full of useful information.

Joshua Stein - Attorney at Law

Joshua Stein is leveraging the internet to promote his practice and enhance communications with his clients. Joshua's website was created within a few weeks while only needing minimal time from his schedule. Joshua Stein is an experienced lawyer with over 10 years in practice.

University of California Irvine

UCI needed a website firm that could integrate their backend database systems into a simple searchable interface while maintaining the University's same look and feel. Advanced features included soundexing and dynamic menus. Having experience with educational sites, the modifications were completed within budget.

Sharp Benefits, Inc.

Sharp Benefits needed a web presence to market and sell their annuities and services. Utilizing our financial experience, Vertical Web Design built a professional website and showed Sharp Benefits how to successfully market their website for profitability.

The Zarutskie Fertility and Endocrine Institute

Dr. Z knew he needed a website to promote his services but he didn't have the luxury of time. Vertical Web Design understands the medical market and thus took the lead with minimal input and created a website that was exactly what Dr. Z was looking for. The completed site included a marketing strategy to provide Dr. Z new clients.

Intelligent Airwave, Inc.

Intelligent Airwave is a wireless broadcast company. They needed an online presence with extensive backend programming to enable their technology to work on the Internet. Vertical Web Design was selected for our experience in applications and relational databases utilizing today's technologies.

FINOVA Realty (Corporate INTRAnet)

FINOVA Realty California headquarters needed an internal site to handle their employees needs. Vertical Web Design built a comprehensive INTRAnet containing online forms, departmental areas, real-time reporting, lead generation, employee database and application tie-ins.

Sharp Log Homes

Sharp Log Homes specializes in building the custom log home of your dreams. Vertical Web Design placed their unique services on the internet resulting in tremendous sales leads. Sharp Log Homes site became a revenue generator within the 1st week after receiving and closing their first online deal.

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