Comparison to Yellow Page Ads

Yellow Pages

Once the Page is printed, you are stuck with it for the entire year.

Web Pages

Web Pages can be Updated or Changed Daily.

Making Your Advertising $$$ Count

Much more cost effective than:


Newspaper Advertising

The whole idea behind advertising is to draw new consumers to your Products or Services. With the number of people "On-Line" quadrupling from January to the end of October of 2000, the Internet is one of the fastest growing advertising mediums available.


Local Direct Mailing Programs

The World Wide Web is an Interactive media. A small paper mailer ad cannot compare to a full Web Page.


Free to Consumer Classifieds

The Local "Free to Consumer" classified Papers are fine for Yard Sales, but is that what your business is?


Trades or Magazine Advertising

The cost for a one-page display ad in a magazine for a month could have paid for a full page Web Site, for a year.


The whole concept of Advertising is Exposure. Exposing your Products or Services to existing and potential customers.

Whether you are providing a product or service, you need customers to purchase from you for your business to be successful.

How do you get those customers? Through Advertising in one form or another. The best and most proven is word of mouth. But to get people to start talking about what you have to offer, you must first get them to try your product or service. How do you do that?

Exposure! If every time a person thought about buying a product or service such as yours, someone told them about you, you can be pretty sure that person would soon be a customer.

Why Take Your Company On-Line

Decided What Your Desired Results Should Be:

Competitive Web Presence

Communicating with Co-workers, Suppliers and/or Customers

Increased Sales

Customer Support

Name Recognition

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