Vertical Web Design offers a variety of additional services to those wishing to create or enhance their business.

All of our work is done on a per-job basis with a firm quote and no surprises. Below are some of the additional services we offer:

Digital Business Cards
In a sea of competitors, an intriguing business card can create a memorable impression and help separate you from your competition. With a Digital Business Card you can incorporate compressed video, animation, audio, text and graphics to deliver an unforgettable, informative, and entertaining multimedia presentation.

Graphic Design
Our graphic artists can create logos to themes to full advertising promotions. Including letterhead, business cards and brochures to give your company the off-line identity you need for today's business world.

Database Applications
For those with extensive, and/or constantly updated data, Vertical Web Design can setup database applications for a variety of situations. Form based administration, e-commerce, password protection, search queries, and more can be implemented to accommodate your needs.

Consulting Services
With over 16 years of experience in the technology field many of our consultants have extensive knowledge in the hardware and software industry. We have the know how to design and create the network of computers/printers/phones that your company needs to run your business.

For more information on any of the additional services listed above give us a call at 888-953-7000 or e-mail us at

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